Our Mission

It is our purpose to develop the most complete and compelling B2B digital solutions for the specific and unique business needs of World Class manufacturers. We are driven to simply be the best in our category, while maintaining a culture that mirrors the passion we have for our work.

Our Company

Elastic is comprised of a group of talented doers and thinkers. We are driven to always be in front of the market and will never chase trends. We make it our business to understand that of our clients, while using our technical skill and passion for UX to create tangible business tools for our clients.

We are proud, we are honest and we enjoy the relationships we build with our amazing clients and the lifestyle they inspire. We are jocks, nerds and most importantly buddies who enjoy the balance of work and play.

Our Difference

Elastic enjoys the challenge of solving specific problems, and tweaking our platform to fit our clients process. The Elastic suite is a software, however it does not follow the classic SAAS model. We listen to our clients. We meet with their teams and adapt to their business structure. We take great pride in our solutions and more importantly the elegant form in-which they are solved.