Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Take control of how your brand is represented at retail

Fresh from our Spring sales meeting tour where we visited new and existing clients: Reef, Lole, Kuhl, Arc'Teryx and Golfino, it is clear that as technology evolves, sales  teams are finding new ways to sell smarter and generate better sell through at retail. 
More than ever before, Elastic is inspiring the creation of Segmented Sales Strategies by allowing an intuitive and visual process. Now brands can offer custom programs for key accounts or open new channels with relevant custom assortments.  
Create pre-defined sales programs or packages designed for optimum brand representation and sales success.
Build custom assortments to fit your buyers specific needs.

Generate curated books to help open new door's in new channels.
While our clients continue to evolve you are yet another season behind, call now to take advantage of our summer rates.