As the Hurley brand’s product offering continues to grow, they saw a need for an immersive white board and presentation tool, coupled with a desire to pair down the production efforts of creating and printing workbooks. Throughout our discovery process, Elastic not only found a solution to Hurley’s whiteboard needs, but also helped organize their workbook data efforts into a manageble and efficient process.


Elastic executed a full scale integration with Hurley’s Full Circle ERP. We make inventory calls every 15 minutes and have provided Hurley an elegant solution to display ATS (available to sell) product. Named Hurley VIP, we have given Hurley a complete pre-season merch tool, coupled with an efficient order entry and at-once sales platform.


As the Hurley brand continues to grow, so does the level of how they use our powerful software. From pre-season forecasting to merchandising segmented sales programs, Hurley is finding great success with the Elastic platform. For 2013 we will integrate an even greater amount of brand story telling assets, making this an even more powerful selling tool.

Elastic is an incredibly exciting piece of our sales process, and is changing the way business is being done.

Mike Wilson Director of Business to Business