Being our oldest client we are extremely intimate with with the Spyder brand. While working concurrently on their B2C site, we wanted to bring their “Sexy Badass” mantra to the B2B realm. In addition to a highly efficient order entry tool, Spyder wanted a quick and immersive way to show hi-rez photos of their product.... the outcome is our “Browse” section of the tool. Spyder wanted a software that is as progressive as their product and the result is a three year and running use of their amazing platform named SPYN.


Working closely with Spyder’s IT team we executed a extremely successful full integration with their ERP system. (JD Edwards) Taking hourly inventory calls from their ERP, while integrating their electronic order form, Elastic is the “all in one” global B2B platform for all of Spyder’s European and US reps.


Spyder has 100% adoption from their vast rep group, along with wide spread use from their retail partners. By shooting their samples early, Spyder is able to leverage our platform by using rich imagery to show their product line.

Together we have created the most compelling B2B platform on the market.

Kevin Smith CIO