During the discovery phase, we found The North Face was using three different tools to achieve a less than stellar selling experience for their buyers. Their current B2B solution did not offer any visual merchandising functionality or the ability to create a custom catalog. And with a product offering as broad as the The North Face's, these pieces are crucial to their business.


The first step was to organize their massive amount of workbook data and find an elegant solution for visually displaying the The North Face’s product detail and the stories that accompany them. Next up is a full integration with their new SAP ERP. We have a long-term shared vision with this iconic brand and continue to build and customize functionality into our scalable platform.


The North Face's Sales Reps are using our platform across many phases of their sales process. During preplanning, reps build white boards and custom catalogs before heading out to see accounts. At line showings, rep groups have invested in flat screen monitors to use for presentations in which they project Elastic’s compelling browse feature. And for follow-up, reps use our beautiful PDF outputs to send visual proposals and order recaps to their key and specialty accounts.

My buyer walked out of a line showing thanking me for saving her at least a week's worth of work on the backend. Normally a dealer leaves the showing and doesn't look at their workbook scribbles until weeks later. Now they leave with locked-in visual assortments and simply have to write the order.

Mark Cohen, Sales Rep, The North Face